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Battery device dealer:

Registry office
Japan branch 3-10-2 Uchinodai Hamakitaku Hamamatsu city Shizuoka
4340045 Japan
Phone & Fax (New number since October 12, 2010)
Tel : +81-53-545-3920@Fax : +81-53-545-3921
Foundation 2003
Registry date February 18, 2003
Capital 20,000 U.S. Dollars
Stocks 20,000 Stocks
Bank Shizuoka Bank
High Grove, Inc.
Branch : Komatsu
Bank number : 0149
Branch number : 394
Saving account : 0441841

Dear customers

In this 21st century, we are facing the earth environment problem which is the important issue all over the world. The cycle of the mass production, mass consumption and mass rejection, which cause the environment problems. Nowadays, the recycle and reuse are the remarkable way as a circulation system.

The illegal rejuction of the lead-acid batteries destroy the eco-system. Japanese desulfator outputs the special pulse wave not only charging but also discharging into the lead-acid battery. This system can revive the old battery and prolong the battery life. After released the desulfator, especially the professional users evaluate the high performance of it. Furthermore, they report that it brings in the various secondary effects.

High Grove, Inc. hopes that you obtain the profits by the battery desulfator. Your pleasure is hoped. Furtheremore, we hope that the earth resources should be used effectively and the earth environment should not be polluted by the industrial wastes any more. Hereafter we are going to inform you the useful information by the world wide web.
High Grove, Inc.

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