Battery Desulfator from Japan [Nanopulser PG-12S, PG-12N, PG-24S, PG-24N] The lead-acid battery can revive and extend the battery life by Pulse Technology

FAQ of the Nanopulser - Battery Desulfator

Does the desulfator have a fuse in the body?

The circuit is protected by the breaker.

Are the desulfators waterproofed ?

The circuit of the desulfator is covered and sealed by the plastic body. It is tested that the desulfator can endure the water splash.

Does the desulfator have the dry batteries in it ?

No it doesn't. Japanese desulfators work by the battery power.

Although I'm going to buy a new car, can I replace the desulfator to the new car ?

Yes, you can do it. No problem.

Can the Hybrid cars, such as TOYOTA Prius, ESTIMA Hybrid and HONDA Insight, CR-Z use the desulfators on the lead battery?

Hybrid car has a Ni-MH (Li-ion) and 12v lead acid battery. Battery desulfator can work only on the lead acid battery.

Although my diesel car has two batteries, which should I install "PG-12S" or "PG-24S"?

There are two ways.

If two batteries are connected in "series", install a "Nanopulser PG-24S" on the two batteries.

If two batteries are connected in "parallel", install a "Nanopulser PG-12S" on the either battery.

1. Can I remake the cables in order to insert the cigarette power supply ?
2. Can I extend the cables ?

1. We don't recommend it.
  • Most vehicles can not supply the electricity to the cigarette lighter while the engine stops.
2. Please do not extend the cables so that the desulfator works well.

The lead acid battery has been left for a long time. Can this battery revive?

At first, charge the battery.
If the element plates of the battery does not have physical corrosion, it can be revived.

If the acid density is under 1.21 or less, and CCA value is 60% or less, it takes a time to revive the battery, otherwise it might be impossible.

My car has four batteries in parallel because 3 amplifiers 4 woofers are installed. How should I install the desulfator ?

It depends on the battery capacity.
We recommend that two "Nanopulser PG-12S" be installed on the either battery.

What is the meaning of CCA value?

CCA means cold cranking ampere. This is the method of judgement by U.S. SAE standard.

Can the desulfator be installed on the MF (Maintenance Free battery) ?

Yes, it can. All desulfators can work on the lead acid batteries.

Although some of the MF batteries have gel-type fluid inside, the desulfator can work.
The desulfators can work on GS, YUASA, Panasonic, KOBE, HITACHI, HURUKAWA, OPTIMA, AC Delco and so on. It doesn't matter whether the starter battery or EB battery (Deep cycle battery).

Can the battery performance be judged by voltage ?

Not at all.
If the battery outputs over 12.0V, the discharging power might be low because of the sulfation.

Can the flat battery revive by the desulfator ?

Please charge it at once.

1. If the engine can start, the battery can be revived by the desulfator.

2. If the engine cannot be started, it depends on the case.
Some batteries can be revived and the other batteries cannot be revived. It depends on the battery condition.

Can the desulfator endure the vibration such as a motorcycle ?

Yes, it can. No problem.

Does the high frequency noise influence to the radio, car audio or any other equipments?

No, it doesn't.
All desulfators passed the noise test in Japan. It is called EMC test which is Electro Magnetic Compatibility.
All desulfators never affect the noise to the other electric circuit.

If I install the two "Nanopulser PG-12S(N)" on the 12V battery, do they work more powerfully ?

No, they don't.
One "Nanopulser PG-12S(N)" should be installed on a 12V battery.

Although there are many kinds of the lead batteries, do the desulfator work on them ?

All desulfators can work on the all lead acid batteries.

Although all desulfators have one year warranty, actually how many years can the desulfators work ?

The durability of the desulfator is almost 10 years.
It has no moving and consumption parts in it which is consist of CPU and electronic parts.

Although I've been useing the cheap batteries before, how long can the battery be prolonged by the desulfator ?

The cheap battery also can be prolonged.
If we compare the high quality battery and cheap one, the cheap battery might be short life than the high quality one because of the plates durability. Therefore you can use the battery until to the last by the desulfator.

I'm going to replace the battery because it's been almost 3 years since new. Can this old battery be revived and prolonged ?

Yes, it can. Please try it.
If the element plates does not have physical problems, it can be revived by the desulfator.

Full size bus and truck have huge twin batteries. Does "Nanopulser PG-24S" work ?

You don't have to consider about the battery size.
If "Nanopulser PG-24S" is installed on the large capacity batteries such as a sightseeing bus, it does not matter.

When the battery is charged, should the desulfator be connected or disconnected ?

Nanopulser should be connected all the time.

Where should the desulfators be installed ?

"Nanopulser PG-12N/12S/24N/24S"should be installed on the battery or the side of the battery. It has to be kept away from the engine, exhaust manifold, fan and fan belt.

"Nanopulser PG-24N" should be installed on the battery or the side of the battery. They have to be kept away from the rain drops and mud.

The battery fluid of the electric forklift tends to decrease soon. Is it solvable by the desulfator ?

Yes, it can.
After the battery is refreshed, the evaporation of the battery fluid will go down.

What kind of desulfators does UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) apply ?

Please confirm how many batteries does the UPS have.

‘2 batteries in series.
  1. Install "Nanopulser PG-24N".
‘3 batteries in series.
  • Install "Nanopulser PG-36C".
‘4 batteries in series.
  • Install "Nanopulser PG-48C or PG-48F".
Although "Nanopulser PG-12N/12S" is installed on the battery for 365 days, is the battery going to be flat ?

"Nanopulser PG-12N/12S" consume only 0.035A (Ampere) which means a tiny electricity.
Furthermore, "PG-12N/12S" have the A.C.F. (Auto cut off) circuit inside.

¦We recommend that the engine should be started sometimes.
¦If the "Nanopulser PG-12S" is installed on the small battery such as a motorcycle, the engine should be started every 7 days.

What kind of desulfator does one EB battery (Deep Cycle Battery) apply ?

Install "Nanopulser PG-12N" on an EB battery.

How much voltage does the good condition battery show ?

12V good condition battery outputs over 12.60 V.

How much acid density is the good condition ?

It shows over 1.25. The new battery shows 1.28.

Does the car audio output the hi-fi sound by "Nanopulser"?

The battery can output the stable power by "Nanopulser". The car audio, AV and speaker system will be enhanced by it.

Does the battery voltage go up by the desulfators ?

Yes, it does.
After the desulfator is installed, the charging and discharging area of the element plates extends gradually.

If the battery is charged and discharged repeatedly, the battery revives in due course.

1. Improvement the charging efficiency.
2. Improvement the capacity of the electric accumulation.
3. Improvement the discharging performance.

As a result, the battery voltage goes up.

The battery dusulfators are not chargers.
1. The starter battery is charged by the alternator (Dynamo).
2. EB battery is charged by the charger.

How much voltage can the "Nanopulser PG-12N/12S" endure ?

"Nanopulser PG-12N/12S" which are for only 12V battery can work over 16.00V.

Some of the 12v battery charger for deep cycle battery and solar panel might output over 16.0V. However, Nanopulser PG-12N/12S can work..

I installed the "Nanopulser PG-12N" on a battery which stands alone. It's been over two weeks, but the battery performance does not go up.

The battery should be charged repeatedly.

How to refresh the stand-alone battery.

1. Install a "Nanopulser PG-12N(PG-24N)" on the battery(batteries).
2. Charge it(them) by a battery charger repeatedly.
3. When the voltage shows under 12.00V, charge the battery.

Can I use "Nanopulser" on the calcium battery ?

Yes, you can.
All desulfators can use on the calcium battery, antimony battery and hybrid battery.

Calcium battery
This is a high performance battery. The element plates contain the calcium.

Hybrid battery
The element plates contain the calcium and antimony.

Why the desulfators should be installed for 365 days ?

While the battery is discharging, the sulfation comes up on the element plates. That's why, the desulfators always should be installed in order to prevent the sulfation.

Why does it take a time to revive the battery ?

The desulfator outputs the weak pulse waveform into the battery. Next, this technology resolve the sulfation Pb and SO4 gradually. Therefore this is a safety system for the lead acid battery.

I've been using the EB battery over 4 years. After it charged, one of the cells shows the acid density "1.10" and I checked the battery fluid is muddy. Can this battery revive by the desulfator ?

It is considered that on of the cells might have some problem. The acid density shows "1.10" which means too low.

My company has 48V electric fork-lifts. One of them works only 4 hours after charging.
1. All acid density of the battery fluid are good which shows between 1.26 to 1.29.
2. The voltage of the each cell shows between 2.10 to 2.20V.
Can this fork-lift prolong the working time by the "Nanopulser PG-48F" ?

It might be a good condition of your fork-lift batteries. Probably your fork-lift batteries can revive by the "Nanopulser PG-48F".
The working hour is going to be longer by the "Nanopulser PG-48F".

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