The lead-acid battery desulfator - Nanopulser top page  Merit of the Desulfator

■For the starter battery

  1. Lifetime


    Audio Sound

    Nanopulser PG-12N/12S
    Nanopulser (For 12V)
    Nanopulser PG-24H
    Nanopulser (For 24V)
    The battery life can revive
  2. The rotary load of the alternator goes down.
  3. The battery is powerful even under the high load.
    • Easy to start engine.
    • Enhance the performance of the car audio and AV system
    • The performance of the head lights go up.
  4. Save the resourses and protect the environment

■For the Deep Cycle Battery
  1. The battery life can extend ・・・・・Save money
  2. Discharging hour extends
  3. Motor power goes up
  4. Charging hour is reduced
  5. Easy to maintain the battery fluid・・・・・The rate of evaporation is reduced.
 EB battery is used on the electric vehicles.
The battery of the electric fork lift is too expensive.Your company can save money by "Nanopulser PG-48F".

Info :
  • Deep cycle battery is the special battery which has thick grids in order to endure the deep discharging. (It does not accommodate for the veheicles)
  • Refilling the refined water is important periodically for the lead battery.
  • It is said that the high quality deep cycle battery can endure from 300 to 400 cycles without the desulfator.
    • One cycle means one charging and discharging.

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